Destination Wedding Floral Designer

The luxury destination wedding floral designer:  Jose Graterol Designs offers 5 tips for you to evaluate the process for choosing your wedding floral designer!

the Luxury Destination Wedding Floral Designer

Mar a Lago Wedding

Our approach to weddings, as a Palm Beach and Destination Wedding and Floral Designer,  is truly unique.  We listen to your objectives, respect your style, understand who you and your partner are, in order to design your highly-personalized wedding.  Our collaboration becomes a beautiful relationship combining you, your experience, and Jose’s Passionate Creativity.

Here are 5 important questions to ask your destination or Palm Beach Wedding and Floral Designer:

  1. Do you have a flower shop or delivery service?  This will be one of the most important days of your life.You should entrust someone who really is committed to working only with you on that day.  We produce Custom Events.  We do not have a flower shop or flower delivery service.
  2. How many events or weddings do you produce on a day?  Jose Graterol Designs only commits to one large event on a weekend.  We operate more like a boutique and less like a factory.
  3. How fresh are the flowers?  What is the flower quality to be used for my wedding?  Flowers vary in price, quality, size, stem length, and the time frame for which they are cut at the farm, then appear at your wedding.  We only use the best quality and freshest flowers in the marketplace.  We do not buy cheap flowers or re-use flowers from previous events to lower the prices.
  4. Have the arrangements, aisle treatments, Chuppahs, arches, etc.. you are designing for my wedding been used at other weddings in the past?  Jose Graterol does not repeat arrangements or weddings.  Every person has unique personal traits which we extract, embrace, and incorporate, so every wedding is different.
  5. On my wedding day, who is actually designing and producing the wedding?  Jose Graterol performs all of the duties including designing the wedding, making floral arrangements, bouquets, Chuppahs, and custom-designing the containers and other items, too.  We do not have to hire the designer, since our designer is the owner-operator.  Passion is our driving force, not profits.  Jose produces and delivers the finished product, and attends to every detail in the most meticulous way.  Our “Perfection-in-Execution” is the highest in the industry.

We hope you found this informative!  Call or email us with any questions!  We are here to help and excited to meet you!

Venue: Mar-a-Lago, Palm Beach, FL,

Photography: Adagion Studio

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